Hand Painted Tiles & Tile Murals

Hand painted tiles and tile murals by Kate Glanville can be personalised to your specific requirements. They can be custom made to fit in the space you require – in kitchens as a splashback behind your Aga or range cooker, in bathrooms above your bath, in your shower cubicle or even around the swimming pool. Kate’s hand painted tiles are always designed and personalised to co-ordinate with your colour scheme and ideas. Let Kate create a unique bespoke hand painted custom made tile design to suit your kitchen or bathroom.

    • Hand Painted Kitchen Tiles

      view examples
      Swallows tile mural behind Aga range cooker
    • Hand painted tile mural of house and tree behind range cooker
    • Hand painted tile mural of family having picnic in garden
    • Dancing hares tile mural behind Aga range cooker
    • Hand Painted Bathroom Tiles

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      Hand Painted Turtle Tile Mural
    • Mermaid hand painted bathroom tiles
    • Seaside hand painted mural
    • splashing horse bathroom mural
    • Single Tiles

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      Hand painted single chicken tiles
    • Single hand painted tiles of different fruits
    • single hand painted tiles, bees, tea cups and tea pots