Corporate Gifts

Kate’s personalised ceramics lend themselves beautifully to unique, memorable corporate gifts. She has produced a variety of corporate commissions for retirement, Christmas presents from companies to their clients, wedding favours, commemorative takeaways for delegates at a corporate event, illustrations for corporate brochures and Christmas card designs.

Kate has previously provided gifts and hand painted plates and mugs for organisations such as Wrights, Gin Haus Deli, MT Jewellery, Shelter Cymru, Cardiff City Council, Kate’s Race, International Airlines and BBC Television.

Please contact Kate to find out how she can help you provide a unique bespoke set of gifts for you and your clients, employees, school, society or club.

    • Corporate Gifts

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      Wrights, corporate plate and mugs
    • Hand painted Bruern Abbey School mugs
    • Hand painted pottery featuring golden dragons, daffodils and crowns
    • Hand painted mugs commisioned for The Great British Bake Off